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Xuất xứ: Katimex - Germany Sợi làm bằng sợi thủy tinh chất lượng cao. Cấu trúc đặc biệt làm cho sợi có độ bền kéo rất cao, trong khi vẫn duy trì tính mềm dẻo. 80% tỷ lệ lấp đầy lõi sợi thủy tinh được gia cố bằng một loại nhựa có độ bền cao. Một lớp bện gia cố được quấn thêm vào trước khi lớp bọc kháng cự cuối cùng bằng nhựa để bảo vệ vỏ khi được sử dụng

Duct rodder - Pipe Eel 11 mm


The duct rodder Pipe Eel is a corrosion proof, completely galvanized steel tube construction. The torsion-resistant sturdy design is perfect for the construction site and it has a guaranteed long life, even under the toughest of conditions. The basket has a special store and with a diameter of only 750 mm this model can store up to 150 m of 9 mm Polykat® fiberglass profile. With its stable pair of running wheels it can be moved easily by one person. The easily adjustable break prevents the Polykat® fiberglass profile from unreeling out of the cage because of ist tension. Rod ends on both ends of the rod with M12 threads on them make it possible to work in both directions, so that guide heads, cable grips or devices for special applications can be screwed on easily and in variable configurations. Polykat® fiberglass profiles are convincing with their high reliability.

Accessories supplied:
1 guide head with pulling eye, Ø 25 mm, with M12 thread
1 shackle, Ø 10 mm
1 service set , comprising:
2 rod ends
1 splice
4 dowel pins
1 special adhesive 20 g.


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Hỗ Trợ Kinh Doanh
My status
Hỗ Trợ Kinh Doanh

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