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Tension Set RTS (Rated Tensile Strength): 10KN, 15KN, 20KN, 30KN, 40KN, 50KN, 60KN, 70KN, 80KN, 100KN Span length: 100m to 1500m


Tension sets are intended for connecting ADSS cable with poles. The armor rods not only can reduce the cable stress, avoid stress centralization, and deliver axial tension, but also distribute the stress equally throughout the high distance length of cable to protect ADSS cable surface and core from damage. According to different application, we can provide medium-and-large tension strength tension sets.


1. Preformed armor rods
2. Dead-end rods
3. Clevis thimble
4. Extension link
5. Anchor shackle

Remarks: The tensions sets are sold as an assembly, including a unit of preformed armor rods, dead-end rods, a clevis thimble, an extension link and an Anchor Shackle.


1. Stress can be distributed equally among the ADSS cable surface without stress centralization to protect ADSS cable.
2. It can have higher grip strength for the cable and can support higher tensile force when stress doesn’t exceed the optical cable’s side strength.
3. The grip strength for the cable is not less than 95% of rated tension strength (RTS) of the optical cable, fully suitable for the installation of ADSS cable


1. Terminal pole/tower, tension pole tower
2. Pole/tower with corner angles greater than 25°
3. Conjoint pole/tower with large differences in terms of height.

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