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Tên sản phẩm : Treo cáp - Suspension cho cáp ADSS - OPGW

Suspensions for ADSS & OPGW RTS (Rated Tensile Strength): 10KN, 15KN, 20KN, 30KN, 40KN, 50KN, 60KN, 70KN, 80KN, 100KN Span length: 100m to 1500m


The Suspension Sets are designed to reduce static stress at the support point of ADSS cable, as well as ensure that the cable is cushioned against the dynamic stress of aeolian vibration. The combination of the HSU and Armor Rods provides protection against cable bending stress, there is no other stress concentration, so that the fiber optic doesn’t produce extra loss in the cable


1. Preformed armor rods
2. Dead-end rods
3. Housing
4. Rubber insert
5. Anchor shackle

Remarks: The suspensions sets are sold as an assembly, including a unit of preformed armor rods, dead-end rods, a housing, a Rubber Insert and an Anchor Shackle.


1. Stress can be distributed equally among the ADSS cable surface without stress centralization to increase the intensity of cable installation terminal and protect ADSS cable.
2. It has higher supporting capability of dynamic stress. The double-layer structure has better protection to the operating cable that has imbalanced load for long time. Its grip power can reach 10-20% of the pulling resisting intensity of the optical cable.
3. The greater interface with the optical cable and the gentle rubber clamp piece reduce the wearing out and improve self-damping.
4. The surface and the smooth shape of end improve the discharging voltage and reduce the loss of electric power.
5. The superior aluminum alloy material has higher comprehensive mechanical performance and cauterization resisting capability, and extends the lifetime usage.
6. Easy installation; no need for special tools, no need for maintenance.

1.Poles/ towers with corner angle of less than or equal to 25°n straight lines.
2. The angle of single-side suspensions is between15°-18°

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